Dogs for sale online, buyer beware


When Pete Cole’s pug Gizmo died from cancer, the poor man was absolutely devastated. Knowing he had to move on from the tragedy, he bought another pup online.


Unfortunately, after buying a $500 dog online, it never showed up at his front door. Now, Cole wants to warn anyone who is thinking of buying a furry friend online.


Cole’s first dog, Gizmo, was very therapeutic for him. He often felt calm with him by his side. 

When the man finally felt comfortable enough to buy another dog, he bought one from

He recalls,”I started talking to the guy, and I thought they were legit, and we made a deal to buy Joey.”

After texting back and forth the two made a decision of $500 for a dog. Cole even received a text saying, “I assure you that you will have your puppy tomorrow.”

Cole knew after days of waiting that something was not right. He adds, “He said my dog was on the next plane here, but he never showed. The guy said he needed $900 more to ensure the dog so they could fly him here; he wasn’t even on a plane.”

Things were not adding up for Cole. So he says, “Right then and there I knew I was screwed.”


Once he did his research, Cole figured out what was truly going on. WGME’s investigation leads to the findings that the website Cole had thought he found his new pup was really just a private domain service in Cyprus, being hosted in Russia.

“People are out there and they’re sucking money out of people who need help, who need a dog. They’re playing on your feelings and you live and learn and still go on,” Cole says.

Better Business Bureau has recently stated 80 percent of dog ads online are frauds and you should not fall for them. After the average of $500 to $1000 has been deposited the seller take the money and run!



So be safe with your money and do not let these dogs scammers get you!

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