Bear Cubs Are Orphaned After People Chase Them Away From Their Mom, Heartbreaking

Hopefully, this story will help humans learn that wildlife should be left alone.  When we interfere it causes nature to take a turn for the worst.  That is exactly what happened in Harlowton.

Nick Taylor is the game warden for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP).  Taylor issued the following statement on Facebook while they were still hoping for a reunion between the mom and cubs.

Sadly, the cubs were not able to meet up with their mother.  FWP decided to capture the bears and put them into the care Montana Wild Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

The cubs were under 30 pounds each, which means they wouldn’t survive on their own. The rehabilitation center took in the cubs.  In the Spring it is hoped that the cubs can be released into the wild.

“They are safe, but have been through a lot,” Kris, a community outreach coordinator for Montana FWP and a volunteer at Montana WILD Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, explained. “What an adjustment to go from living with your mom in central Montana to being orphans in an unfamiliar place,”  Kris explains the care that they are receiving.  “Our staff are giving them lots of food, water, space and time to calm down and adjust to their new surroundings.  We aren’t allowing anyone to get close enough to take pictures of them … Such a hard lesson for people.”

Billings Gazette

It’s very sad that these cubs will not get to hibernate with their mother. In addition, they will not get to learn important bear lessons that only a mama bear could teach.  Hopefully, people will learn from this hard lesson and always give wildlife their space.

 Hopefully, people will learn from this hard lesson and always give wildlife their space. Do you agree we should leave nature alone?

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