Bear Family Seems Lost, Then Police See Something In The Ditch They Couldn't Believe It.

Animal Crossings is a common occurrence these days (until they build bridges to go over the roads)  On an average day an above average police officer encouraged motorists to “please bear with us.”

In the middle of the street was a family of bears crossing back and forth. But why did they keep going back and forth?

Turns out the baby bear at the end just couldn’t manage to keep up.  His brothers and sisters were more confident and quicker.   But this little bear was struggling to keep up.  This made him too scared to cross the road so he waited at the other side.

Mom was worried so she kept walking back and forth over the road to try and encourage her cub to follow.

Instinctively,  the rest of the mother’s cubs followed her.  As she went back and forth to encourage her little straggler, the rest of her pack followed right behind.

Momma and the babies needed to move on, so the little bear was sent to rehab in order to gain strength so he could join his family again.

The rehabilitation facility is used to helping bears grow and reintegrate with their families back in the wild with aid and support from specialists from the facility.

He will soon be released into the wild to join his mom, brothers, and sisters. His mother will be so excited to see him again and he will be able to keep up.

Watch the video of the entire crossing below.

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