Beautiful Baby Giraffe Greets The World And Takes Wobbly First Steps


When this adorable baby giraffe was born in early October, he made a rather startling entrance to the world. But that’s not unusual because all baby giraffes make this same entrance when they are born — plopping a good five feet or more to the ground because mom has to stand up while she gives birth.


Newborn baby giraffe makes his way into the world
Screenshot by Daily Mail via YouTube video

One Big Baby!


And after hanging around in his mother’s womb for 15 months (the typical gestation period for giraffes), the little guy tipped the scales at 127 lbs (58 kilograms), Little Things reports.


Keepers at the West Midlands Safari Park are excited about the birth of this beautiful baby, who has received a clean bill of health.

On a scale of 1-10, how cute is this baby?
How cute is this baby giraffe? Screenshot by Daily Mail via YouTube video

“The wildlife team are thrilled with our beautiful new arrival,” said Angela Potter, head of wildlife at the park. “It’s been lovely to see the reactions of the other members of the herd, who have been interacting with him from day one.”

The birth of this young Rothschild’s giraffe (Giraffa camelopardis rothschildi) is one bright spot in a situation that’s pretty distressing. It was previously thought there were only one species of the giraffe with numerous subspecies. However, a 2016 study of the DNA in giraffes show there are four distinct species, with several subspecies. Whichever way you look at it all species and subspecies are now listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species.


Populations of this majestic herbivore have plummeted precipitously since 1985. Estimates had shown there were between 151,702 to 163,462 giraffes. But 2015 estimates show their numbers have dropped to 97,562. Habitat loss, illegal hunting, civil unrest, expanding mining and agricultural practices, and a growing human population is the key drivers in this tragedy.


And some selfish people think it’s okay to shoot a giraffe:


The woman below is proud that she shot this rare giraffe, and it’s disgusting. There’s never any reason to be proud of something like this.

Fortunately, there is hope. Due to the increase in populations of some giraffe species the IUCN now lists giraffes as Vulnerable. Previously they were on the ‘Least Concern’ list.


That’s why this baby is good news


Baby gets a cuddle
Mom and other members of the herd, nuzzle this cute little one! Screenshot by Daily Mail via YouTube video

Potter said she hopes the birth of this baby will serve as a call to action.

“With giraffe numbers plummeting by 40 percent in the past 15 years, we hope our new calf will inspire action and raise awareness of the issues these animals are facing in the wild,” she says.

And this baby is a rousing success


But the baby's legs are a bit wobbly
Mom watches over her baby as he gets off to a wobbly start. Screenshot by Daily Mail via YouTube video

The video of this little guy meeting the world is adorable. Those cute wobbly legs as the other herd members greet him. That’s just entirely cute!


And Potter is optimistic.

“We are really pleased with his progress and are looking forward to watching him grow up among his extended family,” she said.

The video below may be the cutest video you’ve seen in a long time. This baby has a big new life ahead of him and it’s a joy to watch.


Featured image by Daily Mail via YouTube video

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