Beautiful Black Horse Can Communicate with Cows, Or So It Seems

It is interesting to think about species other than humans interacting with one another. Usually, we separate animals from their species. We don’t really think twice to let them intermingle. Cows are with cows. A black horse is with a black horse. Elephants are with elephants. It is just how we have grouped them for centuries. Because we have a vague knowledge about how animals communicate with other species than themselves, we tend to think that there is no interaction between multiple species. But what if animals could communicate with each other as humans communicate with each other? Maybe they do!

In the video below, Koning the stallion is shown intermingling with the cows across the fence. At first, the horse is seen minding his own business. When finally he trots his way over to the fence, he stares blankly at the cows. As he stands there longer and longer the cows begin to move closer and closer to him. After a minute, a row of cows lined up in front of the horse all staring at him.

They stood there in amazement looking at each other acting like foreign creatures. It makes you wonder what the animals are thinking and if they’re even communicating with each other. Finally, the horse has enough of all the staring and decides to walk away.

Evidence concludes that animals do in fact communicate with one another! A lot of the time it is in non-verbal ways. Wonderopolis reported that:

“Scientists have observed many different types of species communicating with each other in a variety of ways. One interesting example is the communication between spiny-tailed iguanas and paradise flycatchers in Madagascar. Even though the iguanas don’t communicate vocally, they have developed well-tuned ears, so that they can hear the warning calls of the paradise flycatcher.”

The horse and cows may have been communicating or just having a staring competition!

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