Before and After Doggie Adoption Photos That Show True Happiness Without Words

Adopted dogs are adorable. Many of them have notable transformations. This post is a display of how these sweet animals’ lives change from pre and post-adoption. Enjoy the amazing photos! This may just make you consider adopting a doggie in need.

Aw how cute! Look at this adopted pet. Before he looks super sad because he cannot stretch in his tiny cage. Now he can do as many stretches as he wants because he has all the space in the world!
This cutie was definitely glad to be adopted. You can see it in his adorable smile and pink tongue!
Before this pup looked sad and lost. Now he is living his best life while soaking in the rays!!!
Luckily for this little guy, not only did being adopted help his skin, but also his sweet spirit!
Oh no, you can barely even see the dog underneath all that fur. Being adopted for this pooch meant a new haircut.
This adorable pup clearly had a hard life before adoption. After adoption, he does not have to be so scared anymore.
Now that this pit bull does not have to spend most of his time in a kennel, he goes to the beach. And even digs his paws in the sand!
This dog is jumping for joy after being adopted!
What a cutie! Now that this Shitzu is adopted, she wears stylish clothes.
Not only did this lovely husky get a bath, but she also got a loving family.
After adoption, this cute pooch has a comfy bed to sleep on.
Now that this handsome boy has a loving family, he can finally stand tall and proud.

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