Before you toss your Christmas tree, think about the possibilities it has for wildlife

Christmas is a time for family, giving, food, and love. There are so many aspects to Christmas we seem to look over. People buy an abundance of decorations and food. One of the most significant items of Christmas can be used for other purposes aside from just standing in your living room. A Christmas tree is a beautiful tradition most people do. But did you know you can do more than just leave your tree on the curb after the holidays are over?

More than 25 million Christmas trees are bought every holiday season. These trees can actually be recycled. Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jacksonville, Florida is asking people to recycle their trees this year. After the holidays are over big cats such as lions and tigers love to play with these trees. As long as the trees are chemical free the animals can use them for any of their needs. Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary posts,

“The REAL gifts come AFTER Christmas for our big boys and girls. Drop off your clean Christmas tree (no ornaments, tinsel or chemicals, please) at the front gate, and we’ll do the rest. Come see us Wednesdays – Sundays (we’re open on Sundays through January), so we can thank you in person!”

Another organization asking for these traditional trees is The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. They use these trees to put into lakes. Many fish really enjoy swimming through the trees. Some even use the trees for protection. Also, these trees help stop erosion in lakes.

If you have any spare time, you could even put one of these trees in your own backyard. Plenty of wildlife would enjoy the tree, especially if you were to put different treats on it like fruits, seeds, and even peanuts.

Think about recycling your Christmas tree this year. By doing that you can contribute to bettering the environment. Share this post with friends!

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