Husky Chained Up Fighting For Survival, Rescuers Find What's She's Hiding

What people do to some innocent animals makes you want to scream. How could they do such hurtful things to such sweet creatures? At this point, people should put some stricter laws in place to prevent these actions.

When these rescuers arrived at a rundown property in Texas, they saw something like a nightmare.

They saw 46 animals around the property. Among these animals, they saw 28 dogs, six puppies, one turtle, two cats, and nine kittens. Worse yet, the woman who owned these animals didn’t bother to take care of them. For some animals, help arrived too late. The rescuers saw multiple dead pets across the ground. With no food or shelter, the animals fought for their lives. One animal, a young Siberian Husky mix, Bella, still lived. Bella did something incredible!Seeing Bella chained up, the SPCA of Texas used bolt-cutters to free her. SPCA digital communications specialist, Kristen Kerr, said: “The chains had rubbed some of the dogs’ necks raw.”

The animals suffered from varying health issues. Hair loss, long nails, eye discharge, and flea infestation all impacted these animals. Most dogs were testing positive for heartworms, and the SPCA of Texas provided treatment for them.

Bella was no exception and appeared to be in bad condition, but still, she managed to do something wonderful.

Having six puppies, Bella managed to keep all of them alive. She dug a hole to keep them cool in the hot Texas weather.

Bella had dug a hole for her puppies, right beside where she was found chained, so that they could be cool and protected,” Kerr said.

“The puppies were only a day or two old when we rescued them.

Hoping to eventually find homes for all of them, this team worked extremely hard to save the rest of the animals.

Happy news, after spending only a few days with a foster mom, the pups and Bella were adopted.

Because of our foster program, Bella and her puppies were able to get a second chance, and they all found loving and forever homes,” Kerr said.

“The puppies were adopted at an offsite event, and Bella was adopted through our Foster Ambassador Program.

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