Beloved bulldog puppy stolen, found dead tied to post – now the family needs your help

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It’s just a fact that evil exists in this world. How people can hurt harmless animals is hard to understand. This is a story that needs to be told though. A home was broken into and a dog hanged. Hopefully, if enough people read this, the culprit will be found, arrested and have to pay for what he or she did.


This terrible crime took place at Darwen, Lancashire in the UK on March 19th. A burglar entered the home of the Knowles Family and stole items including the family’s Mercedes 4 x 4. But even worse, they took the family’s 12-week old English Bulldog puppy named Wilma. It was guessed that the criminals planned to sell Wilma for money.



Two days later, Wilma was found hanging dead from the family’s outside gate. A family friend, Abby Kilshaw has set up a GoFundMe page for the family. On the GoFundMe page, Kilshaw wrote, “It pains me to say that Wilma is no longer with us and died at the scene due to asphyxiation. I can still picture her little claw marks on the wooden gate from where she must have been struggling to try and break free.”


The Kids Were Screaming As They Found Their Lifeless Dog Hanging From The Gate


The children and mother screamed when they found their precious lifeless puppy hanging. Kilshaw was on the phone with Knowles when they saw the puppy. Kilshaw recalls, “The worst part was hearing the kids screaming in the background as I was on the phone trying to understand what the distraught mother was explaining to me. It was a horrifying ordeal to listen to, and I imagine ten times worse for the kids to see.”



Knowles and her partner Andrew Bolland hoped they could revive the puppy but it was simply too late. No one knows if the dog was alive when she was attached to their gate. Knowles stated, “We tried to revive her after she was pulled down. She was cold, and my partner’s dad who has dogs reckons she had been there since about 5 a.m or 6 a.m.”


“We did not hear anything when we woke up or even at night,” Knowles said. “She must have been tied up there. We don’t know if she was too high off the ground and she had been hanging or the metal wire was too tight and she could not get free.”


As reported in Metro, “The police think they brought Wilma back alive but the way she was tied and how tight she was tied, she probably would not have lasted more than half an hour.”


There Is A Reward For Information That Leads To An Arrest


Knowles has posted on Facebook that there is a reward for information leading to an arrest.  The post has been shared over 30K times.



Knowles hopes that with some of the money from the GoFundMe page, that they can purchase and put up surveillance cameras. This whole crime has affected the family on an emotional level, as would be expected. “I’m petrified in my own home. Every little noise is horrible, and I’m constantly looking out of the window watching different cars go past,” Knowles said.


The family is holding out hope that someone will come forward with information about this attack on their family. They do know that a neighbor’s surveillance camera revealed a black Ford Kuga on their street at 2:10 PM. Just 10 minutes later the family’s Mercedes followed. There was also footage captured of an automobile that returned to the house, presumably bringing their dog back home.


The Lancashire Telegraph has released and published photos of the black car that is believed to belong to the criminals.


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