Beloved Dog Goes Missing, When They Find Him He Is Clinging For His Life On A Cliff


A dog named Neguinho, living in southern Brazil, went missing. However, his family never guessed what potentially fatal predicament he’d gotten himself into.

Neguinho’s owners were devastated when their pet didn’t return home. They spent days searching, but there was still no sight of him. Somehow, it seemed as though he had vanished.

With no other options, the family went to the rescuers from their local fire department, the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Ituporanga. They discovered that, somehow, Neguinho was in a hard to reach place in the rocky landscape.

Despite their expertise, the firefighters couldn’t find Neguinho on the first day. The rugged terrain was difficult to navigate, even for them. However, they didn’t stop trying.

Finally, Their Efforts Prevail

The firefighters finally found Neguinho on their second day of searching! It seemed that he had somehow fallen down a rather steep and stony cliff. After falling, he ended up perched within a small crack in the face of the cliff, only about 150 feet from the edge.

This little dog is a trooper! On top of surviving the fall, he had also survived six long days without food or water.

Due to this length of time, though, the rescuers had to act quickly to save him. Descending the cliff was a risk even for the firefighters, but one of them made the descent to retrieve the lost dog.

Watch the video below to see how the firefighters were able to rescue this little dog!

🚒 🐕 🐕 🚒.Trechos do vídeo do resgate do cão que havia caído em ribanceira. Ele estava a 50 metros do ponto de ancoragem em uma fenda. Foi resgatado com sucesso pela equipe do Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Ituporanga 💪🏻 🐕 ..#cbmsc #cbmituporanga #firedepartment #bombeirosdomundo #ituporanga #cbmscoficial #imbuia #eucurtocbmsc #rescue #bombeiros #chiefmiller #bombeiro @portalg1 #firefighter #floripa #chapeco #resgate #pompiers #bomberos #dog #cachorro #florianopolis #мчсроссии #blumenau #santacatarina #sapeurspompiers @cbmscoficial @redeglobo @recordtvoficial @band #riodosul #thedodo

Posted by Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Ituporanga on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Finally, Neguinho was able to return to his family! Though he was exhausted and hungry, he was still in considerably good health!

Though others might view this sort of time and resources as wasted for one dog, the family appreciates their efforts in bringing their friend home.

The rescuers feel it was time well spent, too! The fire department wrote online, “The location was difficult to access, but in the end, it was only joy. Another mission successfully completed!”

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