The Best Man Forgets Rings, His Bulldog Races To Saves The Day Guests Are Floored

The day of your wedding you pray everything goes off without a hitch. Not for this bride and groom, they realize their best man forgot the rings and almost ruined the entire day…. Well, almost!

In fact, he had a well thought out ‘I forgot the rings’ prank lined up for the couple.   The couple had no idea he was planning this so they were stunned.

The wedding was going as planned, even the flower girl cooperated.  It was just about halfway through the ceremony when the entire thing came to a screeching halt!

After being asked for the rings by the pastor, the best man felt in his pockets fooling everyone into thinking he’d left them at home.

Knowing that the wedding couldn’t go on without the rings the best man tells everyone “just one second’ before running down the aisle through the back door.

As the guests looked on in disbelief,  Laura and James are left at the alter wondering what just happened?

But, on cue as soon as the church door slammed a screen appeared toward the front of the room showing a video.  On the video, the couple’s bulldog appears snoring in bed.  In an effort to correct his mistake the best man “calls” the dog to bring the rings.

What happens next is pure genuis and I think you’ll agree after you watch

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