Biker gang breaks up dog fighting rings and it's the best thing you will see today

Much of the time, bikers, like Pitbulls, have an undeserved bad reputation. Many people think people in a biker gang are aggressive, loud, and angry — just like the pits they rescue. However, when a group of bikers makes it their mission to stop animal abuse, it’s clear that it’s time to re-evaluate your assumptions.

You can’t judge someone’s heart based on their appearance and reputation.


One look at these guys, with their tattoos and muscles, some might take off in the other direction. However, the people that make up Rescue Ink, well, they are very different.

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Rescue Ink is a non-profit that saves animals from abusive situations. The people that belong to the group come from a vast range of backgrounds. The group consists of full-time bikers, weightlifters, lawyers, former police officers, and veterans.


You see, this biker gang isn’t scared to step into a possibly dangerous situation. And it doesn’t stop at dogs, either. Rescue Ink has saved horses, pigs, chickens, kitties, and even a boa constrictor once.

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If Rescue Ink has enough evidence that an animal is in danger, they remove it from the situation.


Now, sometimes, Rescue Ink steps outside police jurisdiction. A few people have an issue with this.

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According to the bikers:

“Rescue Ink does whatever necessary within the means of the law — that’s what our lawyers tell us to say — to fight abuse and neglect of all kinds.”

And here’s the deal — people who run dog fighting rings know the law and how to avoid trouble. Rescue Ink does what most of us are too afraid to do — they walk in and take the dogs home.

Frankly, most people think they are superheroes.


Since the inception of Rescue Ink — this biker gang has been busy. To date, they have broken up dog fighting rings, stopped someone from killing a stray cat, and more. They even waded into raw sewage to rescue baby ducks one time.

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Every day, Rescue Ink receives around 250 calls to rescue animals. So, while this biker gang looks intimidating, you’re only in trouble if you’re hurting an animal.

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