Birds Caught Acting Like Real Jerks And People Are Not Too Happy About It


Birds are some of the most endearing, smart, and silly species on this planet. They can also be quite the jokesters. Let’s take a look at some birds that have gone out on a limb at the expense of humans.


This Cockatoo has had enough with bird spikes. He decides to tear them off of the building.



This Robin enjoys looking at herself all day in this car mirror. And well, she does another thing while she is there, and she does it often.



This bird obviously does not care what this device says.



An artistic touch to the paint job.



Getting a better view.



Watch out for hungry pelicans. They might just eat your phone.



A hard-working woodpecker.



Showing why Cockatoos can be a handful.



A mystery to be solved



We all have that one friend.



An angry goose



Proof that the sign is telling the truth.



Let’s get this party started.



Stay away from hungry pelicans.



The Australian Firehawks spread fire.



Someone is missing their teeth.



Cake batter is tempting even for birds.



I wonder who destroyed this keyboard.



Most birds love destroying things.



Something tells me that the Cockatoo deserved this.



A face that only a mother could love.



This time it’s angry bees, not angry birds.






“But why can’t I tip this over?”



His own parking spot.



At the National Aquarium of New Zealand.



Birds love to steal just about anything and everything.



Not all chickens are friendly.



The moment before it all went down.



And just another reason why Swans have long necks.



Would anyone like this drink?



Surfer bird



Photobomber of the year.



Bird shaming



Facetime when you have a pet bird.



This bird was given the treat that he’s standing on. But he’d rather have his human’s sandwich.



Looks like the birds all went on just one car. I bet the car owner was just a tad bit embarrassed.



A thief caught on the surveillance camera.



If looks could kill.



Just a typical day at the beach.


Making a lasting impression.



This hawk had dinner here.



To make matters worse, this duck was undecided on a path to take.



Run quick. Too late.






This bird stole a sucker from a child, and he’s proud of it.



Stopping traffic



Just look at that smile



Posing with birds



It will be a take out dinner for this bird tonight.


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