Black Bear Gets Craving For Brownies, What He Does Is Frightening

What would you do for a fresh brownie?  Would you stand on a neighbor’s porch?  Would you peek in their window?  Find out what this black bear tried to get his paws on the fresh baked, chewy,  gooey goodness inside. are in your kitchen baking your favorite brownie recipe when all the sudden you hear a loud thump!  You turn to look out you sliding glass door and there looking back at you is a BLACK BEAR.

What did the Bear Do?

That is exactly what took place to a Connecticut woman while she was baking brownies, she heard the thump — and turned around to find the very unexpected visitor trying to get in.

The young black bear thumps on the door stands on the railing and peeks in the door hoping to get invited in.  Most likely,  the bear smelled the brownies being prepared and decided to see if anyone was interested in sharing with him.

Bear Facts

Bears have an incredible sense of smell and can smell food for miles.  If you find yourself in an area where bears are present, follow this simple rule! Do not leave food easily accessible,  because bears can and will find it and may continue to return for it.

Did you notice the tags in his ears?  This probably means it’s  not his first time in a residential area.   He was more than likely relocated and probably will be again.  Let’s hope everyone has learned a lesson and the bear continues to live a long BROWNIE-FREE life.

Watch the video of all the tricks this smart bear tried to get to those brownies.

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