Black Wolf Befriends Dogs and Humans In Alaska, Photographer Gets Up Close Pictures

A wolf named Romeo lives in Juneau, Alaska. Many wolves live in this part of the world, but Romeo was very unique.  He became a friend to local dogs and then humans living in the area.

Alaskan wildlife photographer Nick Jans was sitting on his back porch watching his dog Dakotah walk through the snow when the beautiful animal first emerged from the woods. Nick’s heart about stopped as he was fearful that his dog was in danger. What he saw next was the beginning of a relationship that would change Nick’s life forever.

The wolf started to play with Dakotah.  Then the wolf left.  But it would not be the last time that Nick and his dog would interact with the large black wolf.  The wolf that became known to them as Romeo started to come around again and again.  Each time the wolf would interact in a playful way with Nick’s dog.  Romeo would even find toys and makeup games to play with Dakotah.

Nick and Dakotah were not the only ones blessed by being in the presence of this beautiful and gentle beast. Romeo started showing up at the local dog park.  He would socialize and play with dogs of all sizes.

Romeo became a local tourist attraction.  People began to think of Romeo as a trusted friend.  And he was.  He stuck around the town for many years.  Always gentle and playful was how Romeo chose to behave towards everyone.

Tragedy Strikes

One day though tragedy struck.  Romeo was shot and killed by out of state hunters. The town grieved the loss of their friend.  A memorial service was held and a plaque was placed in the city park a tribute to their lost friend. The plaque reads, “The spirit of Juneau’s friendly black wolf lives on in this wild place.”

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