Blind 5 Week Old Yorkie Pup Is Saved From Being Euthanized By His Nurse

When breeding dogs, people usually breed them to produce the highest quality puppies they are able to. Like any project, sometimes things don’t always turn out how you want them to. Some puppies obtain disabilities in the womb. Sadly, that happened to this little dog.

Because she was born blind, the breeder rejected this five-week-old Yorkie. Taking her to the vet, they had a plan to put her down. One nurse decided to not let this happen.

Extremely concerned, this nurse stepped in. Taking the puppy, Bea, with her, she took her to a place where she could live.

Now at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Bea loves her life! After receiving some treatment, Bea can now see a tiny bit. Because of this, she is living a full life.

This nurse did something incredible! Anybody should be proud of her for saving Bea’s life. Now unbelievably happy for Bea, we should be happy she can now live an awesome life!

Watch this adorable video as Bea interacts with her canine sibling, a yellow lab who protects and takes great care of Bea!

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