Blind Dog With Anxiety Issues Finds A Loving Family

In this day and age, people often throw away things that are broken or don’t work perfectly. Sadly, this is often the case for pets too.  One dog named Oreo lost his home when his owner became terminally ill. Then he went blind and suffered separation anxiety at his new home.  Thankfully, the family that adopted this sweet dog never gave up on him.

Matt Dowdy and Stephanie Cinoca opened up their hearts and their home to Oreo when they found out that his owner could no longer care for him.  “We’ve had experience owning dogs with special needs and have no children, so we were ready to accept the challenge of caring for a blind dog,” Dowdy said.

Oreo adjusted well to Dowdy and Cinoca’s other dog named Doc.  However, Orea developed severe separation anxiety when his humans left.  “A few weeks into our trial adoption period, I decided to set up a video camera to see how Oreo and Doc were interacting when alone in the house,” Dowdy explained. “The last thing we expected was separation anxiety. We saw that Oreo began panting, pacing and barking from the minute we left until we got home.”

“We Don’t Believe In Giving Up On Animals”

Giving up Orea was never an option for Oreo’s parents.  “We loved him so much right away,” Dowdy said. “We just decided that we would do what we had to because we don’t believe in giving up on animals.” Instead, they placed Oreo on medication to help calm him down.  They also began taking short pretend trips. They would leave for short amounts of time and then come back. Then they increased the time they were gone until they could leave for up to 6 hours.

All of the hard work and patience eventually paid off.  Orea is now as happy as can be in his new home.  While they never expected to deal with separation anxiety on top of the blindness, they never gave up.  The outcome for Orea most likely would not have been the same had he went to a different home.

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