Vets films Irish Terrier when he sees his family for the very first time in his life

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Is it possible to time the speed of a dog’s wagging tail? After watching the story of Duffy, the Irish Terrier who regained his eyesight after surgery, I have to wonder. In the video below, he’s all doggy smiles and waggy tail, clearly happy to see again.


Duffy is one happy pooch! Screenshot by Benjamin May via YouTube video

And thrilled to see his humans, Happiest reports.


Amazing Surgery Restores Duffy’s Eyesight


We share much in common with our canine friends, including diabetes. More than 100 million adult humans in the U.S. have diabetes, according to the CDC. And since 2011, diabetes diagnoses dogs has risen 32 percent, Cision CR Newswire reports. In cats, it’s increased by 16 percent. Estimates show that diabetes affects one in every 308 dogs and one in every 230. And it’s a disease that often goes undetected. It’s also known to cause blindness in people and animals.


Duffy, however, is one lucky pooch. Some people and animals have had their eyesight restored by surgery, and that’s what happened for this adorable dog.


His happy reaction is priceless


Surgery gave Duffy his eyesight back. Screenshot by Benjamin May via YouTube video

Duffy, a rescue dog, has struggled with his health over the years. When diabetes claimed his eyesight, this poor little fellow became reclusive and anxious. His humans knew they needed to do something. He was also sad because he couldn’t see his family.


Because diabetes is becoming increasingly common in our pets, I’ve included the video below. It discusses diabetes symptoms in dogs.

So doctors put him on medication to stabilize his condition, and he qualified for the surgery to restore his eyesight. And off they went — to the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania. His surgery, performed by Doctor Brady Beale, was a success. And Duffy became one very happy dog.


 I’ve also included Duffy’s charming video as well.

Featured image by Benjamin May via YouTube video

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