Blind Elephant Meets Her New Family And The Footage Is Beyond Spectacular

Elephants are known for being incredibly intelligent animals with an exceptional capacity for remembering a massive amount of information. Well, there is one particular elephant named Ploy Thong that made a new memory recently that she won’t soon forget.

They rescued her from a difficult life, and when she meets her new family, you can tell it’s one of the happiest days of her life.


Experts estimate Ploy Thong’s age at around 30 years old. For the last 16 years, she was forced to haul tourists on her back in Pattaya region of Thailand, using only her sense of smell to stay on the path.

“Both eyes are blind, she transported tourists every day. Every day she was saddled early, and carried riders until the sun set,” said staff at the park. “She used her trunk to smiff the way while the tourist rode on her back.”

Before that, sadly, she was in a circus. And we all know how animals get treated at the circus.

When rescuers from the Save Elephant Foundation found Ploy Thong, they were there to pick up a different elephant. When they arrived to pick up Bua Keaw, they saw Ploy Thong’s struggles to carry the passengers through the woods.

“We saw her working while on the journey to rescue Bua Keaw, and began discussions with the owner to set her free.”

They knew right away they needed to rescue at least one more elephant as soon as they could. Rescuers immediately started to negotiate with Ploy Thong’s owners to get her released, as well.


The negotiations worked! Rescuers were able to secure Ploy Thong from her owners, and they prepared to take her to her new home.

They brought her to Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, which is where her first incredible interaction with her new family took place. Ploy Thong started her new life on February 3, 2018.

The moment, which you can view in the video below, is spectacular to witness. Ploy Thong can be seen sending out those low vibrational tones that say, “Hey guys! I’m over here.” Then, when her new family approaches it becomes clear right away that they will welcome her home with open arms… er… trunks?

Welcome to your new life, Ploy Thong. May it be everything you always dreamed of.

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