Blind Horse Trapped In Water Hole Rescued By Local Heroes


Nittaya brought her five horses to graze in a field by her home in Thailand. What started out as a normal activity turned into a disaster very quickly. She never expected to almost lose her horse for good. Thanks to rescue crews who helped out a tragic event turned into a magnificent rescue.


One of Nittaya’s horses named Bod is blind in one eye. Maybe that’s the reason that the 16-year old horse didn’t see the 5-feet deep water hole that she fell in. The water hole had a broken drain cover. Bod got wedged in the hole. She could not get out. Despite Nittaya’s best efforts to free her, she could not. The horse was simply too big. She was also too stuck for one person to free her. That’s when Nittaya called a local rescue foundation for help.


Rescuers Showed Up With Tools and Equipment


The rescue sent a crew with a drill, sledgehammer, and excavator. First, they smashed the concreted surrounding Bod. Horses can be easily frightened yet, the crew did their best to calm Bod’s fears as they worked to release her from the death trap that she was in.


It took three hours of digging to rescue Bod. The rescuers used a harness to help Bod help herself out of the hole. Bod had no permanent injuries. In fact, Bod was able to walk home on her own as Nittaya led her.


Thank goodness for rescuers around the world who help animals in need. Most of the time rescuers are volunteers who often risk their own safety and sometimes their own life by helping animals. The people who saved Bod’s life are heroes. Yet they selflessly, worked together to free the stuck horse. Hats off to these kind people. And to rescuers everywhere who help innocent animals in need of saving.


Watch The Dramatic Rescue Here


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