Boston Terrier Roams Around Family Farm–Comes Face To Face With A Cow

Miss Piggie is a boston terrier, and always looking for love and friendship. Her humans own a farm that happens to include cows. One day they decided to introduce Miss Piggie to their dairy cow, Suzanne. Miss Piggie seemed super excited to play with her new friend, after all, that’s why they were introduced, wasn’t it? Suzanne didn’t seem too impressed by Miss Piggie or her playful tactics. The bulky bovine completely ignores the dog’s attempts to be her friend. Then the tension increased when Miss Piggie challenges her to a game. A game of chase, of course. That should be the perfect way to win Suzanne over! But it wasn’t. So Miss Piggie tried a new tactic.

Starting a game of hide and seek, the playful pup lost the game. But the dairy cow watches her every move. Dogs love to make friends with everyone, and cows are no exception. Introducing two very different animals can be challenging, but if done properly and carefully, it can be a very rewarding experience. Whoever would have thought a dog would want to be friends with a cow so badly?

Finally winning over the friendship of the cow, Miss Piggie made a special bond with Suzanne. Now the two are inseparable! Or, at least Miss Piggie seems to think so.

Boston Terriers are a small, but sturdy breed. they are also high-energy, so be prepared to constantly be on to go with them and tend to their needs. They are very friendly and excel in agility and obedience. But his real job is to be a great companion to their humans. Or in this case, a cow that can keep up with their crazy antics!

What an unlikely pair! Check out the video below to see the two playing!

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