Forget Flowers on Your Special Occasion, This Bouquet Is Even Better!

On Valentine’s Day, flowers become an easy go-to gift for their partners. While they are beautiful, flowers seem so temporary. Dying within a few weeks, you only take notice of them when they die.

Some girls feel like flowers are pretty typical, but there’s a better option. Take a look at this bouquet made of mini stuffed corgis.

How cute! With it being that time of the year, you might want to send this like to your S.O. as a hint.

The price starts around fifty dollars. Seeming kind of expensive, you must factor in the part that they last forever! However, it is on sale right now for only thirty dollars! In the bouquet, you see nine cute removable puppies. This bouquet can be used for any special occasion!

If you aren’t convinced yet, take a look at the adorable box they come in!

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