Boy and his dog see each other after a year apart, they both start crying instantly

In Nashville, Tennessee, this 11-year-old boy finally reunited with this sweet dog after a year of not seeing each other.
Ellen Goebel  and her son, Lennox, live next door to a sweet pup named Bogart and his owner. After meeting each other, Bogart and Lennox grew so close they were basically inseparable. Unfortunately, Bogart’s owner is a musician who travels regularly. When Bogart and his owner went traveling for a year, Lennox felt like something was missing, and that was Bogart. A year later, when they meet each other again, their uncontainable joy they both have is absolutely precious!

On his way to the back of the neighbor’s house, Lennox sees Bogart. The dog begins to greet the boy like a normal visitor, but then he notices it is Lennox. When he realizes that, he starts to whine and roll over with happiness. A sweet relief, the boy breaks down in tears after dealing with a year of separation.
With a dog of his own, whom he loves a lot, Lennox shares a very different type of bond with Bogart. Lennox’s mom says he was “over the moon” to have Bogart back! It is pretty clear that these two love each other a lot! The reunion between the boy and the dog in this video is sure to make anybody melt!

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