Brave Men Save a Drowning Cow From Flood Waters, Just In Time

When natural disaster hits it doesn’t only affect humans, but animals too. Natural disasters can be devastating, especially floods. Flooding can cause so much damage and can even cause death. When a group of guys went out on their boat during a flood, their Hope was to help people in need instead they helped a cow.

While they were floating, they saw what they thought was a big log. Suddenly it the object moved. The men were startled. They then went towards the object to find a cow.

The cow could barely move. She was weak from fighting the flood. The only thing that was helping her was that her head was out of water. The Rescuers did everything in their power to save her. They finally tied a rope to her and gently escorted her along the boat with them for almost an hour until they can find land.

Once the group of men found trees they only hoped land was nearby. When they finally came across some grass the rescuers got out of the boat and helped the cow towards the land. It was obvious that she was very weak; her legs were shaking.

This kind group of men did not stop. They pushed her with all their might towards the grass. In the video you can see the struggle in the cow once she reach land. She stumbled and fell, but eventually she was able to make it safely back. Watching her walk away truly had to make the guys feel like their accomplished something good. Even though it was hard work he outcome was extremely rewarding.

If it weren’t for these kind rescuers the poor cow would have drown and died. Their perseverance and guidance is what save her.

Watch the video below to see how it all happened. Make sure to share this heartwarming story with friends.

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