Brave Woman Crosses Freeway to Save Dog See What He Does Next

On a busy freeway in Mexico City, a dog was struck by a car but what happens next will shock you. A very brave woman risked her own life by getting out of her car and crossing a least 4 lanes.  With cars, trucks, and buses passing by her at speeds over 60 mph.  She crossed the traffic swiftly like an old school game of Frogger for Atari.

Once she was to the other side the dog took one look at her and started walking away. He must have been so scared.   My heart dropped,  waiting for the dog to be struck again.  However, he must have known that she was trying to save him because he stayed close to the concrete barrier out of the traffic. Just to be clear there isn’t much room between the lane of traffic and those concrete barriers maybe 12 inches if you are lucky.

Finally, the dog allowed her to get close enough to put the leash on and when you see how she got him back to safety you will be shocked.   It looked incredibly dangerous for both the woman and the dog, but they got to safety.  And wait until you see the end…the happy news is that the dog is on the mend.

See The Entire Rescue In The Video Below….You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

Woman Braves Busy Freeway To Rescue Injured Dog When No One Else Would… One word for this lady??

Posted by I Love Animals on Sunday, June 4, 2017

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