Breeder is planning to shoot this dog when they find out why they had to rescue her


Regardless of appearance, all dogs deserve love and a home. People sometimes discriminate against the ones with minor physical imperfections and disabilities. But these animals deserve just as much love as the next dog.

Unfortunately, some breeders disagree. With no second thought, they kill dogs they don’t think are perfect.

Like Keller, an Australian shepherd, who is also a double merle. Dogs classified as a double merle have patterns of black, white, brown, and greys on their fur. They find double merles in a multitude of dog breeds.

However, it seems to not be the colors on Keller’s fur that had her up for the kill.


Double merle dogs sometimes come out with impaired vision or hearing loss or complete loss of one or the other or both. Breeders love merle dogs. Unfortunately, they found out Keller was blind and deaf after birth.

Refusing to let her be killed, somebody stepped in to help. Keller now lives with two double merle friends, Calamity and Braille. Her new owner founded Keller’s Cause, a foundation to help dogs like Keller.

Despite the challenges, Keller knows lots of commands, over 25 to be exact, and seems to be quite active. With deaf dogs, hand signals are used; while deaf and blind dogs are trained using touch and tactile cues. Working as a team, Keller and braille are changing the way people see dogs with special needs.


If you would like to know more about these dogs, you can visit Keller’s Cause.

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