Bride Ditches Flowers, Instead Carries Rescue Puppies This Selfless Act Made Big Impact

Hurricane Harvey left many victims in its path including pets who were displaced or orphaned. Leaving shelters are full to capacity and no way to help.  One bride-to-be used some creativity to help find some hurricane orphaned puppies forever homes.

Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark had planned on her 3 dogs being a part of her wedding ceremony.  But her heart changed when she started thinking of all of the homeless dogs just sitting in shelters.

“I decided that they already had loving homes, so I decided that I wanted to help rescue dogs.”

Puppy Bouquets!

Instead of the traditional flowers, her bridesmaids each carried a shelter puppy down the aisle.  Clark also carried a puppy.  The animals were on loan from a local central Iowa shelter called AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport.  The rescue also set up a booth at the reception to take applications and tell guests about the other dogs that they had available at the shelter.

Samantha Clark

The creative way of showcasing the puppies was a success.  Applications for adoptions were reviewed and approved for all of the puppies to go to homes.

Samantha Clark

From the look of the photos, the ladies enjoyed carrying the puppies down the aisle.  The puppies also must have felt the love.

Samantha Clark

What a creative way to help animals who need homes.  Imagine if we all got creative in finding homes for shelter animals.  Just one lady using her special day to draw attention to homeless puppies has now gone viral.

Samantha Clark

Nice job ladies!  And to the puppies, congratulations on your new homes!

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