Sickly Runt Of The Litter Was Adopted Pictures Of Him Now Blew My Mind

Runts of the litter can often be the cutest of animals. Their cutie little bodies and faces call for extra loving.

Brownie, a small kitten with only two toes on his one paw, caught the attention of Justina Strumilaite. She fell in love with him. Because of his small body, he even obtained some difficult eating.

With his small size, Doctors seemed concerned about if he would even survive.

Eventually, her efforts paid off. Brownie began to eat. He even started gaining weight.

When she first got him, Brownie looked like a tiny raggedy clump of fur. After some time, he began to get fluffier and bigger.

Justina claims Brownie was “a hyper little ball of fur.” Now, he seems like a huge king of the house.

Not only does he not look like a runt anymore, but he looks like an abnormally large cat. After seeing his before photos, it seems unbelievable he could look the way he does now.

Brownie’s story shows a lesson to anybody that it is important not give up on one another. Understandably, sometimes all we need is some extra love and encouragement.

To believe it, you’d have to see this after picture of Brownie.

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