Budweiser Clydesdales Trained 45 Days Make The Perfect Tribute On 9/11, It's Beautiful

Most people can recall exactly what they were doing when 911 happened. I know I can recall that day as if it happened yesterday.  The 911 tragedy struck not only New Yorkers but our whole country that day.  The ripple effect that 911 had on us all can be felt to this day and probably for generations to come.  To say that we as Americans will never forget is an understatement. Perhaps, it’s even better to say, we will never be the same.

Americans banded together after that terrible day.  People worked alongside service dogs to find missing bodies in the rubble. Volunteers worked long hours to exhaustion.

Often times, we as human beings don’t have the words to express what that day meant to us. Maybe that is why the Budweiser 911 Tribute Commercial has become so popular. The horses’ tribute says more than any words ever could.

When I watch the video of the majestic Clydesdales silently make their way towards Manhattan, I get chills. Then when they pay their respects to the fallen tower area, I feel a sense of sadness along with pride.  I’m thankful to be an American.  Thankful that we live in a country where we pull together during hard times when our country is under threat.

The Horses Pull Through to Learn the Difficult Maneuver

The training of the horse maneuvers took 45 days to perfect.  To get all the horses bowing in unison is nothing short of incredible. Once the horses were trained to make their bows, perhaps the harder thing was to get the commercial filmed on location. Aircraft with cameras were not permitted to fly above downtown Manhattan at the time of this filming.  An exception was granted for the making of this commercial.  The horses make their way across the Brooklyn Bridge and then approach the scene to pay their respects.

Watch this Budweiser 911 commercial that was only aired one time.

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