Bulldog puppy’s little tantrum is the equivalent to that of a two-year-old toddler

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Bulldogs are one of the most unique dog breeds on the planet. Their features and traits differentiate them from all other breeds. One particular trait that often presents itself is dominance. A young Bulldog likes to express his breeds natural traits and it is absolutely hilarious! Watch the adorable video below to see!

gs tend to be a smaller breed of dogs. But their tininess does not indicate their strength. Dogtime explains the specific breed:

Their broad heads have cheeks that extend to the sides of their eyes, and the skin on their foreheads should have dense wrinkles. A Bulldog has a droopy upper lip and his lower jaw is undershot, meaning that his lower teeth stick out farther than his top teeth. The Bulldog’s jaws are massive and strong, intended for latching on to his opponent and holding on.

Not only are Bulldogs physically dominant, but they also have mentally dominant traits. Along with being aggressive at times, these dogs are also super friendly, as long as their owner properly socializes them. Dogtime explains,


He’s (Bulldog) dignified rather than lively and has a kind although occasionally stubborn nature. The Bulldog is friendly and easygoing; he gets along with everyone.


What is not mentioned is how the Bulldog breed can be lazy and sometimes get frustrated. After a cute little Bulldog clearly gets angered, he begins to bark. The adorable bark continues for a while. So the Bulldog’s owner decides to pull out his phone to record. The Bulldog breed traits truly shined through the video. The stubborn nature of the dog is quite funny.


Instead of feeling bad for the adorable dog the owner clearly thought it was funny (and so did we). The puppy’s little tantrum is the equivalent to that of a two-year-old toddler. Make sure to check out the video below!


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