Bulldog surprises his parents when baby is born, he used to be the only child

Dogs’ connections with humans are unlike any other. They are some of the most loyal, protective, and kind creatures on Earth. Also, their unconditional love is unbeatable. Gunnar, a bulldog, has an amazing connection with his family. Although he is a protective older brother, the love he has for his family is beautiful.

Gunnar used to be the only “child” in the house. His parents gave him everything he wanted and more. Even though Gunnar is a great pet, he is extremely lazy. His owners have to force him to take walks or even move sometimes. Aside from his sassiness, Gunnar is a great family dog. Gunnar’s mom explains,

“He’s more than a dog he is one of our family members.”

Once Gunnar’s parents decided to expand their human family Gunnar knew right away. As soon as his mother became pregnant he would lay on her belly and feel the baby kick. At that moment the bond between Gunnar and his new brother formed. After Wyatt was born, Gunnar was in love.

Gunnar became the older brother. And he took on the role very well. Whenever their mom was not in the room Gunnar would make sure everything went okay with Wyatt. He would sit with Wyatt for hours. You name it, he did it. Their mother comments,

“Him and Wyatt have such a special connection. They will find an activity to do and have conversations.”

When baby number two, Lachlan, came along, Gunnar was just as excited as the first time. He became a protective older brother again. The bond Lachlan, Wyatt, and Gunnar formed was so sweet. Their mother cherishes every moment of it.

The video below shows how good of an older brother Gunnar is to Wyatt and Lachlan. You will be amazed by how much Gunnar is like another human.

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