Burn Victim Visits Curious Orangutan At Zoo, What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart

Curious people flock to zoos around this country to see animals doing cute and interesting things, but what happens when the animals are more curious than the humans?

Darci Miller was visiting the orangutan exhibit at a zoo in Putnam County, Indiana along with her fiance’ Jason Costello, when the animal on display, an orangutan named Rocky did something so preciously cute and also surprising.

Miller had suffered burns from an accident that occurred in 2015. Her skin and her body have been in a state of healing though there is still scarring. She wears bandages to cover her healing wounds. People, out of respect will often look away and act like they don’t notice a person with scars, but this orangutan was so interested in her bandages that he asked her in his own way through signs and gestures to show him her wounds.

Orangutans are very curious creatures, and Rocky is no exception. According to Rocky’s caregiver at the zoo, Rocky is well known for his curiosity. As you watch the video, you can see in Rocky’s eyes his intense interest in Darci’s bandages.  His gestures and eye movements look as if he’s asking her to remove the bandage so he can have a closer look. As Darci moves closer to the glass his interest intensifies. He moves from one bandage to the other as if he’s politely asking Darci to show and tell what happened.

Zoos educate us humans and also fill a hole of interest in our brains for how other species live. It’s fun to observe and watch animals interacting with each other and once in awhile with us.  How special! A human could return the favor to one of our animal friends by filling his curiosity and stimulating his interest.

This is one heartwarming video that you won’t want to miss.

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