Purchase An Adorable Stuffed Rescue Pup To Help An Actual Rescue Dog


Operation ResCUTE is helping to save shelter pets by selling stuffed animal book sets. Every Operation ResCUTE stuffed animal is made to look like a real rescue dog. The stuffed animal comes with a children’s book that contains the story of how the dog was rescued. The stuffed dog is made to look like a real dog that was rescued. The accompanying children’s book goes along with that particular dog’s rescue story.


Operation ResCUTE

This idea all started with a dog named Jingles. Jingles was rescued off of the streets of New York City. This single-story prompted the creation of other stuffed dogs and books. It has even gained the interest of celebrities such as Kristian Chenoweth.


The Series Helps Educate People And Directly Funds Rescue Organizations


The Operation ReCUTE series was developed to inspire people to adopt instead of stop when adding a pet to the family. The series also educated people about the importance of charity, empathy, compassion, and responsibility.


The non-profit program also donated 100% of the profits directly to animal shelters. It’s a great win for rescue pets everywhere. It is the hope that with National Dog Day close by that these book and toy sets will be great gifts for dog lovers.


Operation ResCUTE

Maybe sometime in this future, they will start a series up for cats too. This is a win-win situation for all involved. The receiver of the kit set will get a great product that encourages empathy towards creatures. It also goes to a great cause that will help homeless animals everywhere.


Next time that you are in the market for a gift, you might want to consider this as an option. Not only will the recipient of your gift be getting a nice gift, but you’ll also be helping a great cause in the process.





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