No One Will Accept This Calf Born With A Birth Defect Until This Farmer Gives Her A Chance


A cow born with a 5th leg would often be culled out of many farms. But thanks to Matt Alexander and his fiancee, Maghin, one cow named Elsie is alive and well today. Matt and Maghin have a farm in Hathaway, Louisiana. They went to a livestock auction to see if there were any animals that they may want to add to their farm. What they found was a perfect addition to their farm.


It was only a few hours before the auction when a little Black Angus calf was born at a nearby farm. The calf had absorbed her twin in utero. Because of this, the calf had her twin’s leg permanently embedded in her head. Sadly, the calf was immediately separated from her mother and brought to be auctioned off at the sale.



Matt Knew That He Needed To Rescue Elsie


When Matt saw Elsie, it was love at first sight for him. He looked past her rare condition and unusual appearance. He quickly took some photos of the calf and sent them on to Maghin. Without hesitation, Meghin told Matt to start bidding.


Normally bidding for calves start at $100. But because of Elsie’s extra leg, the bidding started at just $50. Then no one was interested in her so the price began to drop.


A calf without a mother and without proper care most likely will not survive for very long. Innocent Elsie who did nothing wrong to anyone was doomed to die because of her rare condition. Aside from her extra leg, she was perfectly healthy. Matt knew that he needed to take her home.


“I figured nobody’s going to want it, the barn’s going to get it and it’s probably going to die,” Matt explained. Because bidders at auctions are normally looking for animals that will turn a profit, animals with special needs aren’t normally going to get sold. Thankfully, Matt was there at the right time to rescue the sweet little calf.


Check Out The Video Of Elsie



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