California is making it more difficult for retailers to sell dogs and cats from puppy mills

Many people go to shelters to adopt animals. Others buy their pets from common retailers such as Petco, Petsmart, etc. Although getting any type of animal is a blessing, California is making it more difficult for animal lovers to buy pets from retail stores.

The new California law states that dogs, cats, and rabbits cannot be sold from retail stores. But there are special circumstances. For example, retailers may be able to sell these three pets as long as they came from a shelter, rescue, or animal control agencies. The law will be in effect starting the first day of 2019.

Even though it is the first of its kind, this law is meant to do good for the animal community. The goal is to decrease puppy mills. Also, the state government believes this law will drive more adoptions. They hope to have an all-time low number of animals in need of homes.

In order to monitor pet stores, the law requires that at retailers provide evidence as to where the animal came from. If the store were to be inspected and the animals were not from a shelter than the pet store would be fined $500. Humane societies and other organizations will keep the stores accountable. California is really going to be enforcing this law.

There is another special exception to this brand new law. Breeders may still sell their animals. This idea makes sense because, for some breeders, the profession is their main source of income. Since the law does not require breeders to stop selling, many breeders are on board with it.

Because California is being so progressive about selling pets, they are influencing people to adopt pets. This is awesome for so many animals who are in need of homes. Hopefully, other states will follow in California’s steps. Make sure to like and share!

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