A Kitty Burned in the California Wildfire Went Viral, Hundreds Of Others Waiting For Humans

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that a large portion of California is on fire. The California wildfire, titled Campfire, rages on unchecked. 82 people have died, and hundreds are still missing. Sadly, we don’t know exactly how many lost animals there are, but we know it’s in the thousands. You see, the fire came upon the areas so quickly, people didn’t have a chance to grab anything at all — even their animals.

Recently, one kitty went viral. Sadly, she later crossed the rainbow bridge. Her photo, though, brought a fundamental group into the spotlight. Things are not always as dark as they seem.

Warning: there are some disturbing images included in this article.


After the fire raged through Paradise, California, volunteers scoured the area looking for homeless animals. A group called California Wildfire Pets found a badly burned ginger cat on one of the missions through the area.

Image from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook

They brought the horribly injured kitty back to the shelter right away for treatment. After arriving, rescuers dubbed the sweet cat Billigirl. The group posted that photo online with the caption, “Are you missing an orange tabby kitty from the area of Billie Rd in Paradise?”

Sadly, not long after they made the post, Billiegirl passed away.

California Wildfire goes VIRAL.

As sad as we are to lose any animal, though, Billigirl’s photo going viral did a world of good. You see, while Billie girl is only one of the thousands of animals to perish in the fire — there are just as many who escaped both the flames as well as death.

And now, because of Billigirl, thousands of people are aware of this group attempting to reunite lost pets with their families.

Image from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook

We know that desperate pet owners are searching high and low for their loved ones. We can’t even imagine what it must have been like for them not to be able to get back for their pets. This California wildfire spread so fast; there was nothing they could do.

Image from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook

“The fire was coming up the canyon and they closed off the road and I couldn’t get in,” said Jane Sharman Barnes. “I was probably 3 or 4 miles from my house and I couldn’t get to them.”


Luckily, along with the Butte County Sheriff’s Department, fire rescue, and people from California Wildfires Pets, hundreds of animals have now been located.

Image from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook

According to the California Wildfires Pets page, the rescue is housing most of these animals at the Chico airport. However, there are animals spread out over other area rescues, as well.

Image from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook

There are hundreds of photos like these on the site. With each photo, there is as much information included as they could manage. Some of the animals pictured have injuries of some sort, but they are all blessedly alive.

Image from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook

Of course, many of you are wondering how you can help. First, since the group just started, there is no link to donate directly. However, click here for the group’s information page.

Right now, raising awareness for the people in the area, so they know where to look is essential. So, secondly, because this is social media, share, share, share. Share both this article as well as links to the group’s page to help raise awareness around this beautiful cause.

And one final thing — hug your fur babies extra long tonight and remain thankful they are safe in your arms. Let’s do everything in our power to get the rest of these babies home.

Featured Images from California Wildfires Pets via Facebook (L) and Facebook (R) 

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