Dogs Were Acting Different, Camera Catches The Dog Walker In The Act, Unforgivable

It used to be, if your dog needed to be taken out while you were at work you could call the kid down the street.  He would come while you were away and take Bowser for a walk.  But not today, now the kid down the street has been replaced by the “dog walkers/ pet sitter”.  If you are hiring a dog walker how can you be sure they are doing what they were hired to do…walk the dog.  The owners in this story were shocked at what happened to them.

Shelly doesn’t have kids but she does have her two rescued Yorkies.  This proud dog mom did whatever it took to take care of her pups.

Yorkies are a small breed which means small bladder which means frequent potty breaks.  Shelly and her husband work during the day so they aren’t able to take the dogs outside.  Realizing this couple quickly found a dog walker.

Things were going great or so they thought….after a couple of months the dogs started having accidents in the families home during the day.

The couple found these behaviors odd for their pups so they had a security camera installed to watch the dogs during the day.  They expected to see their adorable pups playing but were left with a shocking discovery instead.

In the video below you will see what this dog walker did instead of walking the dogs.  I still can’t believe it.

 Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.  Install cameras, ask for notes, call during specified times these could save you the trouble later on.  Comment and let us know if this happened to you with a dog walker or a pet sitter.

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