Campers Rescue Seal Pup Stranded On Beach, Video Shows The Reward They Recieve It's Epic

A big storm blew through Vancouver left a baby seal stranded on a beach unable to get back to the water.  Not only was he stranded he was also separated from his mom.

Nearby there was a group of campers that heard the dreaded cries of the baby since 4 am.  They knew it was up to them to find the seal that was making that noise.

When they found the little guy he was super dry and very dehydrated both are life threatening to a seal.  They made a phone call quickly to the Vancouver Aquarium to find out what they could do to help him.  The staff at the aquarium told them to get him back into the water as quickly as possible.

Gathering him up in a blanket they carried him back to the water where they released him.

To their surprise, he didn’t just swim off…the baby seal pup turned back towards his rescuers swimming right up to them as if to say “thank you”.

If it weren’t for this family of good Samaritans, this little guy would have never made it back to the water to meet his mom again.  We are so glad they were tuned into the sounds around them and went to help.

Watch the seal’s rescue in the video below! 

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