Can Reptiles Be Cute? 10 Photographs That Say Yes.

Humans are hard-wired to think “awwww” when we see something small, warm and fuzzy. But what about critters that aren’t? Where’s the love for tiny turtles, gorgeous geckos, and sweet baby snakes? There are plenty of people who appreciate reptiles, but others aren’t convinced. Can reptiles be cute? We think they can. And here are ten photos that we hope will convince you, as well.

#10 This Wee Baby Lizard

Look at this little guy, half the size of your thumb. Look at his teeny toes, his wee little tail, and his big, big eyes. How can you not find this cute? This is the very definition of cute. Now scoot, cutie. Go find some even tinier bugs to eat.

Image is CC BY-SA 2.0, by OUCHcharlie, via Flickr.

#9 A Very Small Turtle That Doesn’t Know It’s Small

This baby loggerhead sea turtle does not know it’s a baby. It knows it needs to get to the water. To the water, if you please. But first, yes, it will politely pose for a photo. Because it also knows that it is heckin’ cute. This wee tiny beastie will one day be about three feet long and will weigh between 180 and 440 pounds.

Image is CC0, by Steve Hillebrand, USFWS. Via Pixnio.

#8 This Sneaky Snake

This sneaky little garden snake just wants to be friends. It will not bite or strangle you in the night. It will, however, take care of all those garden pests, without you having to do any work at all.

Image is CC BY 2.0, by George Vopal, via Flickr.

#7 A Gecko That Can Sit on Your Fingertip

Samantha Levang took a picture of this little green gecko in Hawaii. There’s a reason geckos are getting acting jobs on TV. They’re adorable. With its happy color, its little padded fingers, and its big, blue eyes, how can anyone resist?

Image is CC 2.0, by Samantha Levang, via Wikimedia Commons.

#6 This Dashing Green and Black Snake

Who, me? I’m just a “snek,” no bigger than a pencil, slithering across the sand. I am venomous but am far too small and polite to inject a hooman with enough venom to do any real damage. So kindly let me pass, and I’ll take care of those garden slugs for you.

Image is CC BY-SA 2.0, by Richard Masoner/Cycleicious, via Flickr.

#5 Commander Salamander Just Wants to Say Hi.

Hi. I am a salamander. I have big, bulging eyes, and can’t be too far from water. On the other hand, I can regenerate lost limbs, which is a pretty neat trick. Also, I eat spiders, mites, and other buggies you might not be too keen on. Do you think I’m cute? Even if you don’t, I’m sure you can agree that I am very, very helpful.

Image is in the Public Domain, by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, via Freestockphotos.

#4 This Turtle That Can Balance a Bubble on Its Nose

I am a painted turtle. I’m not tiny, I don’t have big eyes, and if you get too close, I can deliver a painful bite. But I can also balance a bubble on my little-pointed nose. And that, my friend, is cute with a capital ‘C.’

Image is CC0, via Pxhere.

#3 Cute Baby Alligator Is Cute

This baby alligator knows it’s cute. It also knows it could take a finger if some human gets too personal. It is probably also aware that one day it will be six feet long and almost 800 pounds. And where does an 800-pound alligator sit in a restaurant? Anywhere it likes, thank you very much. That much gator is definitely not cute. But a handful of gator is.

Image is CC0, by Circe Denyer, via

#2 This Newt is Deadly Cute

The Pacific Newt is adorable. It’s also slow moving and docile. To the point that you might wonder, as you let it crawl through your fingers, what this handsome little critter’s defense is. It’s not fast. The Newt doesn’t have sharp teeth or claws. Pacific Newts don’t even seem particularly scared of you. It turns out; the Pacific Newt is covered in a slime that contains an incredibly powerful neurotoxin. That’s the same toxin a pufferfish carries. And it’s caused numerous fatalities. So remember, when it comes to wildlife, red means “hands off!”

Image is CC BY-SA 3.0, by Connor Long, via Wikimedia Commons.

#1 And the Cutest Reptile in our Contest Is…

These two. Look. Look! It’s a Common Toad hugging a Fire Salamander. There’s nothing common about this pair, however. The photographer captured this snap during toad mating season, and it looks like this toad could use a pair of glasses! Still, Toad and Salamander are Friends. And if that’s not cute, we don’t know what is.

Image is CC0, via MaxPixel.

Featured Image is CC BY 2.0, by George Vopal, via Flickr.

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