Cat And Chihuahua Form A Bond So Inseparable This Shelter Keeps Them Together Forever


If you ever had a best friend forever also known as a BFF, you know how important they can be to your lives. BFFs are there for you when you go through life’s ups and downs. They are there when it’s time to celebrate and when you mourn losses. Animals also have BFFs and it’s important that we honor those relationships by not splitting them up in life. Let’s take a look at one BFF relationship between a Chihuahua and a Cat who have formed a tight bond.



Leila, the Chihuahua and Kitty the tabby cat are inseparable. They like spending all of their time together. These two were surrendered together and ended up at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Boston. Their family had to move and wasn’t able to take them along. All they had in life was each other in the often scary world of the shelter.


Leila and Kitty Are Very Bonded. The Shelter Made Exceptions For Their Accommodations.


Leila is 2 and Kitty is 6. “What’s unique about these two is the extent to which they’re bonded,” Rob Halpin of the MSPCA said.“Their family lost their home, and they were unable to find another home that would accommodate their pets.”


“All they have is each other, and we can’t take that away from them now,” Halpin said. “Our hope, and in fact our resolution, is to place them in a home that agrees to take both of them together so they never need to be separated again.”


Most of the time dogs and cats are in separate areas of a shelter, but in this case, the shelter has made an exception. They have been housed together. As they were waiting for their forever homes, a family stepped up and took them into their family.


“They love each other,” Haplin said. “They feel calm and supported when they’re near each other. They’re really great friends and they need each other.”

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