Dog Accidentally Farts In His Sleep But It's Cat's Comeback That Has Internet Cracking Up

The dislike between cats and dogs go back years. Everyone knows that they can’t stand to be around each other. It’s simply in their nature to be in a constant fight due to their innate dislike for one another. When you own both – a cat and a dog – it means constantly having to try to break the fights. That can cause complete chaos in the house. No matter who starts it, you will always find yourself in the middle. One owner was filming his pets, and he had no idea he would capture a hilarious “fight” between his pets that’s impossible to forget.

Let the games begin!

The video starts off innocently enough – the dog closes his eyes and lays his dead down to sleep. Yet, in the background you can see his feline friend just lounging contently.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Suddenly, the camera’s mic picks up a noise that would make anyone laugh. All seems fine until…the unexpected happens. The innocent pup let out a loud fart! At first, I thought the human possibly made it, until you see the cat’s reaction. He gives the dog the side eye as if saying, “You dare grace my presence with your offending gas?!”

The look says it all!

The cat retaliates.

The cat can’t ignore what he’s just heard. He then looks around before giving the dog the stink eye. The poor dog has no idea what’s about to happen just a mere seconds later.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Without warning, the feline fiend gives the dog two quick jabs in the back of the head. The poor sleeping dog never even sees it coming. His frisky feline friend decided to teach him some manners. The owner was able to capture the footage perfectly! His pooch simply looks around in confusion before he lays his head back down. Watch the hilarious moment for yourself in the video below.

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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