Cat Comes Home With Paper Tied To Collar, Dad Realizes It’s A Note From The Neighbors

Pet cats roaming the neighborhoods are a heated topic among many people, animal lovers included.  Cats can get into people’s gardens, sandboxes and cause havoc with dogs who are in their own backyards.  So when Imgur (who goes by the screen name Slice of Toast) saw a note attached to his cat Nala’s collar, he thought the worst.

“Nala ventures into the outside a lot. Luckily our neighborhood is nice, so it’s not a problem,” Imgur explains. That’s why when he saw the note attached, he couldn’t figure out what was the problem. Then he read the note.

Imgur’s head was still spinning, as to what the note might say. Then he read on.

Thankfully, his neighbors were not only tolerant of his cat, they also liked Nala.  Because the cat visited them 2-3 times a day, they felt some ownership over the welling being of the cat. The neighbors were obviously very nice and cat loving people.

What Do You Think?

We’d like to hear from you.  What do you think of pet cats roaming loose?  Is it every cat’s right to roam the neighborhood unattended and off leash, or do you think it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to keep their cat at home?  What about the safety of the cat?  Should cats be allowed to run across busy streets and into yards with dogs?

How about the birds? Is it ok for pet cats to hunt the wild baby birds out of their nests?  With cats being able to climb trees and fence poles, no young bird is really safe.

As for the dogs who often take the blame for cats coming into their territories, is this ok?  Many neighbors complain if a dog barks, but with cats running around their yard who’s really to blame?

I personally love cats and have two that I adore.  I keep mine in the house for their safety and out of respect for the neighbors and the safety of the songbirds.  We’d like to hear from you on this one. Should pet cats be allowed to roam free or not?

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