Cat Decides To Crash Owner's Live TV Interview

Having a cat is a marvelous thing. They keep us company, as well as give us endless hours of entertainment. Unless you’re lucky enough to have one that just loves cuddles. For Polish historian, Dr. Jerzy Targalski, his cat is hands down – or paws down – total amateur hour. If you own a cat, you probably know how this man feels. Of course, during the interview, Dr. Targalski is completely unfazed by the animal.

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Cat as a Hat

Targalski, a renowned historian, political scientist, writer and academic was set for his live TV interview. Little did he know he would have a guest along with him. While answering a question during an interview, viewers could see this man has quite a love for “hats.” Turns out he is the dad to a rather rambunctious kitty.

Image via screenshot from video via Twitter

This adorable tabby is named Lisio, and when he wants attention, he knows how to get it. During an interview with the Dutch News program, Nieuwsuur, this cat certainly wanted his dad’s attention.

Human Climbing Post

Lisio was unfazed by the fact that Targalski had an interview. He wanted attention and wanted it instantly. During the video, you can clearly see Lisio begin climbing up his master’s arm.

And then ear licking begins.

Targalski continues speaking as if Lisio wasn’t there. Was it distracting? Not in the least.

Targalski takes it in stride as he just moves the cats tail out of his face. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

De Poolse historicus & politicoloog Jerzy Targalski is onverstoorbaar

— Rudy Bouma (@rudybouma) July 5, 2018

Attention Seeker

Lisio’s attempt for attention is clearly adorable and funny. Targalski’s interview went viral because of his cat and his attempts for attention.

It turns out that this historian doesn’t have just one cat, he has several. A dad to many lovable kitties.

Image via screencapture from website via Facebook

Who knows, maybe his other cats – not just Lisio – have made appearances during his live interviews. Just from a glance at his Facebook page things become clear…

Targalski loves his cats!

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