Cat Enters Through Kitty Door Like Usual, But He Also Brings Home An Unlikely Friend

Everybody knows the age-old saying, “Look what the cat dragged in.” After what happens in this household it looks like we need a new saying, “Watch what follows the cat in.”

Cats clever mischievous behaviors get them into all sorts of things. Most of their owners know nothing about the happenings in their cat’s life. What the owner doesn’t know won’t kill them. That’s all fine until their cat pulls a rodent of some sort into the house with them.

Sometimes the cats bring home things. Occasionally they bring horrible nasty things, and sometimes they bring things that brighten the day. Sometimes the thing follows them in through the kitty door.

Their cat comes strutting through the cat door like a typical day. Next thing you know something unusual happens. A strange animal struts its way through the door like it belongs here. As his friend walks through the door he acts as if he belonged here. He walked in like he owned the house and made himself at home. His demeanor is what makes the event so cute and amusing to the viewers.

Watch the events unfold:

You gotta love cats and the things they bring home with them!

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