This Cat is So Fluffy it Doesn't Even Look Real

Bone Bone the fluffy cat is from Thailand, and I bet he has more Instagram followers than you and I combined.

As a matter of fact, Bone Bone has well over 30,000 followers on Instagram alone. Once you lay eyes on this beautiful boy, it is easy to see why.

Not only is this boy super cute, but he is also super fluffy and a celebrated celebrity in Thailand. He gets his picture taken everywhere he goes. And as you can see from his little backpack, he travels a lot.

Bone Bone loves adventures with his mom. He loves to play at the park and climbing trees. All while wearing his adorable little spikey backpack too!

To everyone’s dismay, the one thing Bone Bone does not like at all is when people try to pet him. He slinks away, and he is no fan of other people messing up his glorious fur.

As you can see, Bone Bone and his mom don’t limit where he can go. He puts on his outfit for the day, which is usually that adorable backpack and they go out on many adventures together.

As you can see, though, Bone Bone is indeed a cat. This means he also spends a lot of time laying around licking his big fat belly.

Bone Bone has so many fans across Thailand that it is difficult sometime for him and his mom to get around without being stopped for more photographs. It’s cute that he doesn’t seem to be feeling those kisses he is getting.

One of his very favorite things to do is show off that glorious fluffy fur he has.

See what I mean? Bone Bone has a lot of fans where he is from. Who can blame them? Have you seen that backpack?

Like every cat you know, Bone Bone just loves to chat as much as possible.

Bone Bone even lets his mom dress him up sometimes in things other than the spikey backpack. Look at those glorious paws he has on him. It’s so cute that Bone Bone and his mom are so happy together.

Again, like all cats, sometimes Bone Bone can certainly get a catitude. No, that wasn’t a typo. I called it catitude for a reason. Look at that face. What is it, if not catitude?

Bone Bone appears to like his bath a whole lot more than any cat I have ever seen.

Mostly, Bone Bone loves all this attention and him, and his mom is very happy, and they hope his photos made your day a little brighter.

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