Cat Gets His Passport To America After Being Paralyzed, Now He Needs Everyone's Help

When a stray cat is hit by a car and becomes paralyzed, the chance of it surviving is low. First, it will need someone to step forward and pay for its medical care, and next, it will need an extraordinary person to surface that wants to give it a home.

One cat is defying all odds by getting both medical treatment and a passport to the United States.

Tabby’s Place

The young cat, now named Anka was just starting his life in Turkey when he was hit by an oncoming vehicle.  The injury left him paralyzed.  Rescuers arranged for him to fly to America for medical care when surgeries in Turkey didn’t help his condition.

Tabby’s Place

Angela Hartley, development director of a cat sanctuary in New Jersey called Tabby’s Place, explained,

“Young, healthy, and overflowing with love, Anka should have been just starting a long and happy life. Now, it seemed his journey might be over all too soon.”

Anka Keeps His Zest For Life

Through all of this ordeal, Anka never lost his zeal for life. He would play and interact with the sanctuary’s staff like nothing was wrong.  “The Tabby’s Place team is smitten with Anka,” Hartley said. They decided to keep Anka unless a forever family stepped forward and wanted to adopt him.  They hope that someone will want to make this playful cat a part of their life.

Tabby’s Place

One of the biggest challenges in finding Anka a home is the consequences of his disability. He will forever need help using the litter box several times a day.  Hopefully, some caring person is out there that will provide that care for this sweet boy.  “Anka is such an extraordinary cat that Tabby’s Place believes he may well be adopted,” Hartley said. “But, it will take an equally extraordinary family to provide for his needs.”

Tabby’s Place

If you are interested in learning more about adopting Anka, please visit Tabby’s Place website.  SHARE with friends so we can find this cutie a forever home.

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