Cat Goes Missing During Wildfire, Hears Her Sister Call Out Her Name And She Comes Running

A wildfire was blazing through British Columbia in the 100 Mile House area. Many families were forced to evacuate.  Shannon Kowal and her family were one of the many who had to leave their homes.  Like many others, household pets also needed to be evacuated. Because they had a full house of 7 dogs and 2 cats, they accepted the help from Shannon’s brother who lived close by but was not on the evacuation list. Her brother would take the animals to his house and care for them until his sister and her family returned.

One of the family pets, a white cat named Ivy ran off possibly looking for Shannon’s daughter Kinsey.  Kinsey and Ivy were very close friends.  When Kinsey heard the news she was devastated. A lost cat post was placed on Facebook by Shannon in the hopes that someone might have seen Ivy and had a clue to her whereabouts.

Days went by without anyone commenting on the post that they had seen Ivy.  Then a possible lead came in with someone saying that they had spotted a white cat several kilometers away from where she was lost. Kinsey along with her family went out looking for their furry family member. When Kinsey called out Ivy’s name, the cat came running out from the dense forest right to her human.

The sweet reunion is captured on video and shared here for all to enjoy.

“She was so grateful to be home. She ate happily and spent a lot of time cleaning herself and snoozing on her scratching post” Shannon explains.

As for Kinsey and Ivy, the duo hasn’t missed a beat now that the threat of a fire is gone. “Life is back to normal again. Kinsey and Ivy are back to playing on the trampoline and building kitty forts,” Shannon happily reports.

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