Cat is lost without her best friend, Dog returns she is all over him.

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Animals of different species have a closer bond with one another than we might think. When we are not home, what do our pets do? Do they hug or cuddle? Do they fight? Do they play? Unless you plan on putting cameras in the house we may never know.


Jasper, a kind cat, and his pal Bow-Z, a dog, spend a lot of time together. In-fact their owner says that they are best friends and do everything together. They eat together, and play together; the pair even sleeps together. No matter what the task, both these sweet pets do it together.


Recently Bow-Z had to leave their house for ten days. Of course, Jasper was so lost without him. He did not know what to do. During this time Jasper waited every day for Bow-Z. The poor kitty would sit, and stare out the window waiting for his best friend to return. Jasper was completely heartbroken.


Days past and there was still no sign of Bow-Z. Jasper would meow for hours, in hopes that his furry friend would hear him. But still no sign of Bow-Z.

And then finally one-day Bow-Z . Once Jasper saw him he could not believe it. And what he does is so adorable. The VIDEO below displays how excited Jasper truly was to finally see his pal.




After seeing Bow-Z, Jasper is so excited he cannot contain it. He jumps onto Bow-z and gives him a big hug! How adorable! Also, Bow-Z wags his tail in happiness. The pair’s reunion was undeniably cute. Jasper needed Bow-Z, and he clearly showed him upon his arrival.


A hug is one the most genuine things in the world. Animals are a lot like humans in their emotional responses. Even a cat understood what it means to love something.


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