Cat Locked In Basement For 20 Years, She Shows Up Finally Rescues 'Granny' From Darkness

There is a big difference between just surviving and thriving.  A person or animal can have their basic needs met like food, water, and shelter but be depressed inside if they are getting no attention nor affection.  One cat did a good job at just existing until someone showed up to show her that life could be so much better.

Anita Diamantopoulou moved into a building and then later walked into the basement and discovered a cat had been living there. Taking pity on the sweet cat, she started feeding her and giving her water.  The cat though craved so much more from Anita. She craved to be pet and talked to. She started to thrive on the attention that Anita showed her.

Time for a Change

Anita felt bad leaving the cat in the darkness of the basement.  She knew that the cat that she began to call Granny deserved so much more.  Therefore, Anita knew she had to do something. First, she took Granny to the vet.  The vet confirmed what Anita suspected, that the cat was a Senior. Granny estimated to be 20 years old.

The trip to the animal hospital also revealed something else. Granny had a tumor. Thankfully the tumor is expected to be removed without any problems.

Anita Diamantopoulou

Unfortunately, Anita couldn’t keep Granny but that didn’t stop her from finding her a good home.  A friend was happy to take in Granny and give her not only her basic physical needs but also lots of love and attention.  At first Granny was timid and shy in a world of light.  Her new life was much different than living in the dark basement.  It took some adjusting but now Granny is thriving in her new home. She loves to rub up against her new human and loves to be brushed.

Anita Diamantopoulou

This story shows how a little act of compassion and kindness can change a life from a world of lonely darkness to a life of light and love. If you agree, please SHARE.

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