Cat maze owner built with 50 boxes has millions fascinated


When you first bring a cat into your life, it doesn’t take long to realize that cats love boxes. Boxes of all shapes and sizes just seem to get the curiosity of a cat going. Maybe it’s because a box provides a secret place to hide, or maybe it’s that cats like to explore. Whatever the case may be, cats in general love boxes! One owner decided to give his cats named Cole and Marmalade a real treat for National Cat Day.



Chris Poole is looked at by many, as the ultimate cat dad. For National Cat Day, Chris ordered 50 boxes for his cats. He cleared out a room in his home and then assembled the boxes. Once he had them all put together, he made a huge cat maze out of the boxes. Not only would the maze serve as a fun activity for his cats, but the maze would also stimulate their minds.



The Cats Found the Hidden Treats In The Maze


In the maze, Chris had special cat treats that were hidden along the way. Once the maze was completed, he let Marmalade and Cole loose to explore the maze. The cats clearly were intrigued as they discovered the treats. They jumped from box to box and also went through the holes that Chris had cut out for them. Marmalade and Cole seemed to greatly enjoy looking for the treats and doing what cats do best, and that is exploring.



Chris made sure to capture this all on camera. He even included the making of the maze in his video. Maybe this video will inspire more cat owners to make a maze like this. You wouldn’t even have to purchase new boxes but could use recycled boxes instead.  If you let your imagination run while you may want to add tubes and put some cat toys in there also.  You are only limited by your imagination.


Check out this video of Marmalade and Cole in their cat maze. It is pretty cool!




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